I remember the time when I had a looong, long list on Bloglovin that I opened and refreshed every morning, to see what new my favorite bloggers and fellow blogging buds had published. I want to bring that time back! I miss long product review posts and curated outfit/style posts. I miss the time when me and my sister would plan outfits for the next day just so we could take photos of them. Sometimes we even photographed multiple outfit photos in one day. We were creative, always thinking about creating new content. So it's time. I'm getting back to blogging.

It's Where It All Began 

My blog was the first space where I started to share my thoughts and opinions on things, may it be makeup products or most often the weather, haha. I started to write this blog around 7 years ago, could be that even longer ago, because sadly I have deleted the first posts. And this even wasn't my first blog. At first I had a blog called "Laura's Corner", then "Velvet Avenue" and only after those two I started this one - "Alksne". At the end of 2016 and all 2017, my job got the best of me and I just didn't have the energy or ideas to continue writing here. I did post some posts, but they weren't frequent. I would post maybe two to three posts per month and then have a break for a month or two. I started to focus more on my instagram, as most of the original bloggers do now. Instagram has sort of become this new "instant" mini blog, which is everything but instant. You will have to dig and dig to find an account that is candid and feels real. But it's worth digging. I still have a to work on my own account as I feel it totally doesn't reflect the person that I am. I've always felt proud opening my blog. Even though I do filter the pictures I post here, the vibe here is more chill. It's not all about likes and comments and will the next picture look good with the previous one. I have an idea, take photos and write, for as long as I want, with no character limitation.


Honestly, I miss creating good quality content. And only now do I realize that, that's the thing that has been lacking in my life while I've been only publishing on my instagram. You can't compare taking a flatlay photo with your iphone and then posting it with a caption "New favorite nude lipsticks" to taking product photos, flatlay or not, with your DLSR camera or iphone (you can also make it work), editing them in a way you like and then writing a review about it on the blog. People are so used to getting short, compact, quick reviews about products and makeup looks taken with phone camera (I actually don't mind this) and #ootd posts and so on. Creating that all also takes time, not as much as writing a blog post, but still. But I want to create more. I want to make a dress or a skirt and then style it, and get someone to take photos of me in it by the beach or in the forest. I want to think about ways how to beautifully photograph new products, do it and then write about them. But for it to have the best impact, I need to publish it all on a website aka here. Create the story behind it. Yes, it will probably reach less people, but at least I will have this sense of job well done.


This ties together with the whole content thing, because photography, in my opinion, is 70% of what makes good content. Photography has always been in my life. The earliest memories I have are with my grandpa in the countryside in his flat. He had so many cameras and other gadgets. He used to work in the cinema - showing movies. He loved photography and filmography. Apparently my parents also loved to take photos, because I have million photos from my childhood. Later when I was a teen I took over. I was taking photos of my friends, with my friends, then asked them to take some of me. Already back then I loved to edit them and create little stories behind every photo. I remember when I started blogging I was so eager to get a camera that would create the blurry background. Because all the "big'' bloggers had blurry backgrounds. So I saved and saved and got my baby Nikon D5100. To then realize that the kit lense doesn't create the blur. So a research began and later then I got my first lense with an F 1.8. I cannot express the feeling I had after the first time I saw the photos with the blurry background. I was smiling and jumping and dancing around like a happy, crazy person. 
Recently I got so used to taking photos with only my iphone, that I had totally forgotten how good the photos turned out, when using DSLR. The other weekend I decided that I want to take more photos with my camera. Not only just for the blog, but capture everyday little things. And I was so happy with the images I shot on that Sunday! Makes me want to print them out and put them in a frame. Currently I'm doing a big research on the best compact cameras that can produce the best quality photos and video, but for now, me and my DLSR will be inseparable. 


I have a love hate relationship with writing. I have so many things and ideas on my mind, but I always struggle to express myself. Like with this post. You don't even want to know how many hours has it taken for me to write this all. When I was more frequent with my posts, the writing part didn't take so much effort. I think the lack of doing it, takes it's tool, so I want to write more. Longer, shorter posts, it doesn't matter as long as I keep writing and expressing myself. 
 Longline waistcoat: H&M (similar here) Mesh top: H&M Studio SS15 
Jeans: H&M Bag: Mango | Sneakers: Nike Air Max 90 Essentials  
Sunglasses: Quay Australia X Desi High Key Sunglasses In Black Fade
Watch: Daniel Wellington Classic Roselyn 36mm 
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Photos: Līva Bambale