I've never been a huge face mask fanatic. Let's be real, half a year/a year ago I didn't even have a proper skincare routine. I would just take off my makeup with a micellar water, use a moisturizer occasionally, mostly only in the mornings, scrub my face in the shower once or twice a week, if I'd remember, and use a face mask maybe once in two months. But that all has changed over the past months. I guess turning twenty seven made me stop for a second and face the fact that I'm not getting younger, so I should prooobably start thinking about my skincare more, especially because I daily love to play with a lot of makeup.
So you may wonder now what this long intro has to do with this Glamglow #Glittermask? Well Glamglow actually was the brand that made me fall in love with this whole masking thing. First mask I tried from them was their Supermud Clearing Treatment. It was love at the first application. So when I saw that they have released a mask with glitter in it I HAD TO TRY IT ASAP! Unfortunately it took a couple of months for it to reach the Baltics, but hey, it's now on my face so I'm not complaining. Yes, I decided it's fitting to have it on my face while writing this review about it, haha 
Besides the fact that currently it's the coolest face mask out there, I mean, hello! holographic glitter in a mask!!? How cool is that!? It is also very good for your face, because it's filled with all kinds of goodness. The #glittermask is powered by: 
  • VIZITIGHT: with Firming Matrix + Marine Algae Plasma + BioDefine Polymers to provide instantly tighter feeling skin. 
  • LUNARLIFT: boosted with Soy Isoflavone Liposome & Red Algae Extract to help skin feel tighter and more toned. 
  • COSMIPLEXION: with Icelandic Kelp, Hyaluronic Acid & Mineral-Rich Glacial Clay to help skin feel younger and more resilient. 
  • TEAOXI® COMPLEX: with Marshmallow + Licorice Leaf to help skin look and feel firmer.
I'm usually not keen to apply the peel-off masks, I prefer to just peel them off, but with this one it's so much fun!! The rules are the same as with all peel-off masks: apply an even layer to clean and dry skin, but avoid your eyebrows and hairline. I love that they have also added this mini brush with the mask - it's super cute and very good quality, so it's very easy to use and afterwards - to clean. The average drying time for the mask is 20 to 30 minutes, so it's enough time to take countless selfies. Believe me, when you will have it on, it will be very hard to resist the urge to take selfies with it, haha Once the mask is completely dry, gently peel it off from the edges. Rinse off excess with warm water. It's recommend to use it twice a week.
I've tried the mask a couple of times now and besides the fun application and all the selfies, I'm always super happy with how my face looks after removing it. I wish it looked like that all the time!! It looks firmer, tighter and toner. And that's exactly what's written on the packaging. I don't know about the "sexy face contours" though, haha For those I don't think a face mask can do any magic, it's all about food, water and of course working out. Ok, time to remove the mask, it's been on my face waay longer than 30 minutes, ooops

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