Every girl (and a boy it's that's his thing) deserves to have that one special, luxurious lipstick in her/his collection. That one shade that goes with every makeup look and makes you feel chic when you get it out of your bag. May it be red, nude or pink Estée Lauder's Pure Color Love lipstick collection got you covered. All together there are total 30 lipsticks in the collection, starting from pink and red, ending with dark blue and nude and they come in 4 different finishes: Shimmer, Matte, Creme and Chrome. 
I was lucky enough to get sent four shades to try out for you guys. First lipstick that I tried has an Edgy Creme finish - Radical Chic. It's super light and glides on the lips with ease. Because the lipstick is so creamy, I would suggest outlining your lips with a lip pencil before applying it. It also has this canteen shape, which is great for the sides, but a bit tricky with the cupids bow. The next one is Haute & Cold which has a Shimmer Pearl finish. I would say it feels pretty much like Radical Chic on the lips, but it's much more pigmented. Only looking closer you can see that it has some shimmer in it. But it's so settle that you won't even notice that. Both Bar Red & Juiced Up have an Ultra Matte finish. And that you feel instantly. I hadn't done my research before so I didn't know they come in different finishes, so when I applied them both after the first two creams I was like *hmmmmmm interesting*. From both my favorite definitely is Juiced Up. I love me some deep, dark, berry lip shade. What I noticed immediately is the way how it glides on the lips, even though it's velvety matte and sometimes they can be quite stiff and hard to apply. This one just glides on leaving a gorgeous pigment. They are not drying, they feel very comfortable on the lips and after a meal you don't feel like taking it off. Plus, it doesn't stain your lips when you take it off. It's pretty much everything that you are looking for in a matte lipstick. 
So not only do they have really good formulas and shade selection, they also have a very sick, very buzhy, packaging! Makes you want to reapply your lipstick in public all the time, haha 
Get your perfect shade + finish here: 

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