I'm in the mood for some changes.

Though I haven't decided what should change first. I've started looking into redecorating the space where I live in, aka looking at new furniture online, measuring walls. But redecoration also means - credit card limit increase. That's kind of the only thing stopping me right now from going for it. Though, actually no, it's not the only thing. Just thinking about the work that goes into this all - getting rid of the old furniture, sorting out clothes and other stuff etc. in between work, already makes me feel tired. But I think it'll happen. Sooner or later this summer. I've been catching up on watching The Michalaks weekly vlogs (highly suggest to subscribe if you like family vlogs, silky montages, sarcasm and dark humor with sometimes not funny jokes, that makes them funny, brought to you by Stef)  and their two recent ones really has made that moving bug grow bigger. Just thinking about moving into a new flat with a lot of spaces makes me want to purr. Someday. Right now though have to make the best of those couple of square meters where I live in. 
The second change that I'm thinking about is this online corner of mine. I'm not sure how I feel about it anymore. I'm not sure how I feel about internet actually any more. This whole FOMO, trying to impress others bla bla bla that everyone keeps talking about AND still keeps doing it. This false facade of the glorious life of those who share an image or couple of minutes of their lives in a video format online. I guess that's why I've been struggling with putting up any kind of content here and on my instagram. I was chatting with a dear blogger friend today about this and we both ended up with the same conclusion - it's not fun to blog anymore. Even though we enjoy the process, taking pictures etc. it's just not fun. But how do we change that?
Well that turned into a longer ramble that I had intended. Sorry. Just had to get it out there. Who else feels like in need of a good old change?