Sharp wing, who dis?

When all you see on your youtube and instagram feed is "festival makeup" you end up doodling one yourself. That's what happened with this look. First came the idea to do a yellow and blue look, then orange, green and yellow joined. Two sharp wings and some dots on the lower lash line later and et voila! one festival makeup look was created. While I daydream about going to Coachella one day, our own local festivals are getting closer and closer (still far as summer is 1.5 months away, but time flies so, it's close :D). 
I have finally started to test again all the products that I have in my "New In" boxes. Last week I found this Essence Camouflage 2 in 1 Make-Up & Concealer foundation and I have to say, I am quite impressed by it. I have been testing it out with different primers to see which combination works the best and makes it as long lasting as possible. But it looks like at the moment my two favorite base products come from Catrice (concealer) and this new foundation from Essence... and it's not like I don't have high-end base products on the table right now judging me.