No, I'm not in love. It's just the name of the bright pink, neon, in your face, cream eyeliners name, ha

What started out as a small corner wing, somehow unexpectedly turned into a full blown out, all over the lid, wing. And for once I actually don't mind. Except the part, that it was so hard to make both sides look somewhat the same. Which I still didn't manage, haha, hopefully next time. 
For the wing I used the new Vivid Brights Creme Pot from NYX Professional Makeup, that have just landed in the Baltics. There are altogether 12 different shades. You can check them all here. As no surprise, the first one I gravitated towards to was this bright neon-ish pink one. I haven't sat down to organize them yet, but from the first swatches that I did, I can say that they can be divided in two texture categories - some are really soft, even souffle like, very easy to apply and blend out and some are harder, meaning harder to blend out. The color pay-off doesn't change though. This pink one I would put into the harder to blend out category as it was quite hard to apply and smooth out all over my eyelid. I didn't try, but I think it could work better if mixed with some Duraline or similar mixer.