High levels of stress, pollution, lack of sleep and daily life excesses - sounds pretty familiar, right? At the beginning of the year Lancôme came out with a new line called Énergie de Vie that was created for the sole purpose to reawaken tired, dull skin and give you an instant glow. During the summer I used them on and off, but recently I have been reaching for them daily, so *drumroll* here's my review.
This water-fresh lotion is a ''liquid essence'' or in simpler terms a cosmetic water. Turns out these kind of lotions are essential in the Asian skin care routine, as they use them before applying their serums and moisturizers. Why adding an essence to your routine is important? Essences provide an added layer of hydration to the skin after cleansing. Hydrated skin = glowy, healthy skin. If women in Asia take this extra step in their skin care routine, well then I am taking it too. Unfortunately as it was a teeny tiny sample I really didn't get to try this one out as much as I would have liked. But I can say that every time I used it, my skin never felt dehydrated, as it sometimes feels when I clean it with micellar water. It almost felt like cleaning my face with a liquid moisturizer. 
When I got it I used it non stop for a couple of weeks, but then with summer rolling in, I set it aside and got out my spf30/50. Now with the summer behind us and cloudy days upon us I have started to use it again daily. This energizing liquid moisturizers unique formula hydrates as a cream, is as concentrated as a serum, and as light as a cosmetic water. It's packed with Goji Berry (per bottle 250mg), Lemon Balm (at least 30 leaves per bottle), Gentian, and Vitamin E. These ingredients provide our skin with the much needed antioxidants to protect us from free radicals. As I'm a combination skin gal, with a quite oily t-zone, I am very picky with the base that I use before applying makeup. I love how using this moisturizer my skin feels hydrated and fresh at the same time. I have no problem putting makeup on with only this as a base or with an extra primer in between. When I apply it, it literally feels like I give my face a glass of water. Highly recommend! 
Even though I'm not the biggest fan of heavy moisturizing during the day time, I love to layer the products on at night, which makes this Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask my favorite product from the whole line. Now you may wonder why am I putting a mask on every night? Isn't it too much? Well no. This product is like a 2 in 1. You can use it as a mask - apply generous amount, keep on for 10 minutes, rinse off or, my preferred way, in a thin layer overnight as your regular night cream. Just like the other two, it's also infused with Goji Berry, Lemon Balm, Gentian, and Vitamin E. The most fascinating thing about it is the texture of the mask. As it quickly melts into the skin it goes from light cream to liquid. It's hard to describe, but you have to try it and see what I mean. After applying it, my skin immediately feels fresh, smooth, soft and moisturized, but not in a oily, sticky way. Also it smells so nice and fresh! I will definitely need to invest in a bigger tub, when I will finish this one.