You're not seeing wrong - those are falsies on me eyes!

This one probably could go under the "everyday, kinda natural" look category. I didn't plan to sit down and shoot this one, because in the morning I just quickly put some stuff on my face to look presentable and headed to get my nails done. As I got a new lash adhesive that is latex free and I have been wanting to practice my falsie application skills, I decided why not today. Well per usual it was a mess and took me 3 times per each eye to apply them somewhat ok. The adhesive I got is really good as it didn't ruin my eye shadow even though I put it on the lid a couple of times. As I was joking on my instagram story, I wanted to see if I would get a headache which would mean the fault was not in the latex glue, but the lashes. Well I wore them until 10pm, so .. *pops the champagne*. I'm really happy that the problem was with the adhesive. Now may the falsie application practice begin.