H&M recently came out with a new limited edition beauty collection called Precious Glow. 
Even before I saw the products I was sold, because that pink packaging is very much up my alley! This collection is all about the metallics and glow.
You can view & shop the full collection here.

Just like in the previous collections, also in this one there is an eye shadow palette. All of the shades are metallic, very pigmented and blendable. H&M actually has one of my favorite eye shadow formulas. I wish they would sell just the pans, so I could put them all in a Z palette, because at the moment I have a lot of single eye shadows that take up a lot of space. The shade selection in this palette in a way is unexpected. If I would've looked at this palette a year ago I would've probably use them all only separately all over the lid, but after spending so much time experimenting with makeup, I took it as a challenge to use them all at once in one makeup look. And I actually love the end result. 
This was the first product from the whole range that caught my eye the most. Liquid eye shadows are nothing new. But they usually come in a bottle with a wand. A pipette is something new. Well, something new for me at least. At the start I though that the pipette was useless, because it made the application messy thanks to the air bubbles. But after getting that air out and filling it up with product it's ok. Personally I don't really use it. I just dab the end of the pipette on my eyelids, or on my hand and then blend it in and out, because if you get too much product on the lids (and one drop gives you a lot of product) it's a mess. The product itself is very cool. It is very liquid, so it's easy to blend out. Once it's blended out/dry it stays put and doesn't move. I will do a separate makeup look with it just all over my lids sometime soon. Also I really want to try and use it as a highlighter.
The metallic lipsticks have the same comfortable creamy formula as the regular H&M cream lipsticks. Though when you rub the lips against each other it kind of feels like the wind has blown some microscopic bits of sand on them. Otherwise you don't even notice that. This shade is so pretty, that I'm contemplating about using it on my eyes as well.