As my vacation started at 9am on the second day of Positivus, unfortunately I got to attend only day one of the festival. Oh but what a fun day that was!  

 Total look: H&M
Soo that was a little bit longer vacation than I had intended to take. As some of you may know I had my yearly week long getaway to Rhodes recently. After getting back I felt like I needed a vacation from the vacation, so I decided to give myself another week off from blogging and social media. Now though it's time to get back to business and the first thing on the agenda - this Positivus photo report.
For some reason returning to the festivals usual location in Salacgriva feels like returning to my childhoods summer home. Everything is the same but different. It's a warm and comforting feeling. Besides spending time with friends, for me it's all about the music. I cannot express the rush that I get when I see an artist/group perform live tracks that I have had on my playlist for a long time. Years & Years were awesome! I really enjoyed their setlist. Even though I am bummed that I didn't get to see Ellie Goulding, because she had to cancel, Mark Ronson smashed it! I hope that he'll soon come back, because I would love to go to another of his gigs. 
This year I really planned out my festival look - starting from the outfit, ending with the hair and makeup. The main star of the whole look was the long kimono! It's so beautiful!! And it screams festival! As it was the main center piece I decided to wear just a simple cami top and ripped jeans underneath it. For the makeup I went for this simple look but the hair I just threw in my recent favorite style - beachy half top knot. 
See'ya next year, Positivus!     
Photos by Brigita Dambe