It was all fun until it started to rain. Autumn is here.

Total look H&M
And so the first autumn-ish post has arrived! This time in collaboration with H&M and their new Studio AW16 collection. Guys, I'm so ready for autumn, you have no idea! Ever since I got back from my holiday I was ready to start the layering game. Last week I finally got what I wished for - the temperature dropped. But with it came a lot of rain clouds. I love me some autumn, but not when it's wet and makes my hair look flat because of the humidity. I enjoy that time between summer and autumn, when it's warm enought that you can walk around with an open coat and sneakers. That's the idea behind this look. I decided to do a little bit of layering, so under the dress there is a long sleeve top and shiny jeans/trousers (I have no idea how to classify them). I had never worn a coat with short sleeves before, but I have to say that I am warming up to this idea. I love how the tops sleeves bring it all together with the dress. Plus, imagine how chic would long sleeve gloves look with this coat!
Also, I have to mention that my momma killed this shoot! I haven't made her take pictures of me for the longest time so I wasn't sure what the outcome will look like. But I'm so proud of her, because she did amazing! She did manage to take 765 photos, which was a bit of a pain, when I started to go through them all, but hey these, that I have selected, turned out pretttty great! Now I know where I've got this skill .. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you know! haha
Collection will be available in selected stores & online starting from September 8th.  

In collaboration with H&M
Photos by Aiva Alksne