Are you ready for Positivus?

 Longline coat: H&M (similar here) | T-shirt: Positivus 16' | Culottes: H&M | Sneakers: H&M (similar here) | Bag: H&M
And so another year has gone by, and another Positivus festival is juuust around the corner! To be exact (right now while I'm writing this) only 10 days 2 hours and 02 minutes have left before the grand opening! Also this year it will be even more special, because our dear festival is celebrating it's 10th birthday!!! *blowing a party horn* I still remember the emotions, the people, the vibe, the music from the first Positivus, that I attended. So I can't wait for next Friday when new memories will be made! 
As we all know by now, music festivals are not only about music nowadays. Fashion and beauty (makeup, hair etc.) take a huge part of it too. And so, just like previously, also this year H&M has collaborated with Positivus and together they have released the festival T-shirts that you can find here. So in this article you can see my take on festival chic. The main goal of this look is comfort, but at the same time looking stylish. What I love the most about this look are the culottes, and the T-shirt, and the coat and ... ok, I actually really like every piece separately as much as together. But talking about those culottes, I think that they (and the bag) are the ones that make this outfit look chic. Only those who will really look will see that they are not a silky midi skirt. And the T-shirt? It's a comfortable mens T-shirt, with the festival logo on it. What is there not to love about? 
Oh, and one last thing, H&M and Positivus want to give one of my readers/followers an awesome gift. More about the gift and how to enter (Latvia only, sorry) read about that here!
Have you decided what are you going to wear next weekend? What is your festival style? 

In collaboration with H&M and Positivus
Photos by Brigita Dambe