You may have noticed on my snapchat (allksne) or instagram (@alksne) that I have been rocking pink hair recently. Here's the story behind it.
So I was thinking, dreaming, considering pink hair, I think, ever since I got back from LA. Or maybe even before that. But I know that, once I returned home, the need to have them pink was stronger than before. But I was just too scared to try. What if they would look terrible on me? Fast forward to the middle of June. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw the Schwarzkopf Professional Latvija post about the new BlondMe Instant Blushes. And right then and there I knew that this was the perfect way for me to see if pink hair actually suited me. If they wouldn't, I would just wash them out and get on with my life. Well, as you can guess (see from snapchat, instagram), I still have pink hair. I am so in love with them, that I'm going to color them permanently at the end of the month. 
Schwarzkopf Professional's BlondMe Instant Blush is a spray–on temporary pastel tone color that should last up to three washes. It's a fast way how to experiment and update your hair for a party, festival or, like me, just to see if the color looks good on you before taking the plunge. Besides the Strawberry (light rose pink) shade that I chose, you can also find them in 3 other shades: Steel blue (light blue with grey undertone), Jade (seafoam green) and Ice (light grey). The main cool thing about them is that you can experiment with the colors without a long-term commitment. You can use one to create an ombre look, or mix, combine and create a technicolor experience. One of the things that I like the most about them is that you can easily use them at home, you don't have to go to a salon. Just spray the product onto damp hair, (apply from root to tips, and continue applying until the desired intensity is achieved), comb through so that there are no spots and then just blow-dry them. 
What I have learned after using it for couple of times: 
  • Use it only in just washed, clean hair. The first time I used it, I did the mistake of spraying it in hair that I had just damped a little bit and that had still a little bit of hairspray in them. That made the hair feel very dry and altogether the texture was horrible. I have used it again with clean hair and the hair is ok. But you can definitely feel that there is some product in your hair. 
  • I found that it takes me double of the time to blow-dry my hair when I have sprayed the product in. 
  • If you are going to curl your hair afterwards, prepare to have some color on your fingers, but it's easy to get it off. 
  • It can get a bit messy aka your bathroom gets a new pink dot tile pattern. But don't worry it is easy to clean up, it doesn't leave stains. So if you have someone that could help you, I would recommend to ask them to help out. 
  • For me personally, most of the color comes out after the first wash. But I can't comment on this anymore, because I have added a pink toner to my routine and I can't say how long it lasts in the hair.
So if you have wondered about changing your hair color or you just want to add some color to your hair for a couple of days while attending a festival, why not!? Let me know if you try it, I would love to hear how do you like the product and how it acts in your hair!