Aaaaand we are now precisely only one week away from Positivus festival! I am so, so, soo excited! You know, just a little bit. Not at all. Nope. :D As I mentioned in the previous post, festivals are not only about music. People get creative and do all kinds of crazy makeups and pull together fun outfits. So as I sort of like makeup, I also created a couple of festival makeup looks. This first one you could call "Settle with a pop of color and bling". The bling would be the liner under the brow. It is not that noticeable, but once the light catches it, it looks really cool. To make it more opaque I first damped my brush in a setting spray and then with a liner brush picked up Over The Moon eyeshadow and drew the base under the brow. Then when it dried down a bit I went over with a glitter eyeliner. If you don't mind spending more time, you could instead of the liner go in with loose glitter. And the pop of color, obviously, are the matte pink lips. If you decide to have matte lips, don't forget to bring a chopstick with you, because these kind of lipsticks, crayons tend to really dry them out. My tip would be, before you put on your lipstick, to put a light layer of your favorite balm. If it's not as matte as you would like, you can always blot it and then add some loose powder on top. A bit of a hassle, but at least your lips won't be dead at the end of the day.



H&M Lip Colour-To-Go in Let's Mambo
In collaboration with H&M