Have I mentioned I love to create these kind of looks more than the classic ones?

Hey there. I'm going to start off this post with a confession - I'm cheating today. Officially I am writing this and posting this on the 2nd of May, but on the blog it's going to have the 1st of May date. & yes today's look is going to be live later tonight. Yesterday I just really needed a computer/internet detox, so I decided to do something else and ended up doing sort of a spring cleaning. I threw out so much stuff that has been just collecting dust. I bet when I move out, I could leave this flat with only couple of boxes. Yesterday I focused on papers, books and makeup. This week I will focus on clothes. I want to revamp my wardrobe asap. Everything looks so boring there and I have too many clothes that I haven't worn and don't see myself wearing in the future.