I've been very committed to my Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium ever since I started using it, a little bit over than a year ago. Not only because I love it oh so dearly, but also because finding fragrances that don't give me headaches is not an easy task. I don't know if it's just me, or this happens to a lot of people, but I very easily get major headaches from them. Even if I like the scent. It's like my head decides it for me which fragrance will be in my collection, and which one I have to pass up. So whenever there is a new launch and I get to try out a new scent I am very hesitant. 
So you can imagine my relief after trying the new Dior's J’adore Eau Lumiere. No headache was luring on me and I really love the scent! As describing fragrances is one of the hardest things ever I would put it this way - it's floral, sweet, but fresh. Perfect for the upcoming summer! The best description I found was on Fragrantica: "The cheerful top notes explode with essence of blood orange. The fragrance unfolds with intense and fresh Neroli from Vallauris. The sweet character of vanilla, blended with flowers of magnolia and fresh lemon, meets with lively notes of Damascus rose. Sensual sandalwood provides a sense of comfort, allowing the aroma to unfold even brighter." Sounds good right? If you fancy a new fragrance and this sounds like something that you would like, give this one a sniff when you get the chance. 
Top notes:  
Blood Orange & Lemon 

Middle notes:
Magnolia, Damascena Rose & Neroli from Vallauris  

Base notes:
Vanilla & Sandalwood