Red is such a bomb color!

Looking back, this definitely is going to be one of those pain in the backside looks. When I was almost finished with it - I absolutely loved how it turned out - I felt like this look needed a little umpf! And what an umpf I got!! I decided that it needed falsies. And the bigger the better. Well ... let's just say, it was a big mistake. First, I got almost blind from the adhesive. Somehow I put a tad bit too much on the right eyelash (I had a very blurry vision while taking these photos). But the lash on the left side refused to stick to the lash line on the outer corner and made my eyes water (I had to reapply red eyeshadow after every two shots). Oh but it didn't stop there. When I took them off (just like you see other beauty gurus taking them off on snapchat) they took some of my own lashes with them (RIP 10 lashes, you will be missed). And then, when I was cleaning them up afterwords, I tore one and had to throw them out. And it all just for a couple of photos. I seriously take my hat off to all of you girls out there, who do this every day or even regularly.