When in doubt, choose pink!

 Shades used: Bossa Nova, Parrot In The Bar, Lost In Copacabana & Dream High + Solar Gel Top Coat
For me nails are another way how to express myself. I truly believe that the right nail polish on your nails can bring your whole look to the next level. Because they are accessories. If previously I usually wore either a red or a black nail polish, then recently I have started to experiment more. Not only with the shades I choose, but also the way I do them. I love to have accent nails (usually ring fingers) or do the famous ombre look. When Kinetics asked me to create my must have party nails, these pink shades from the whole collection were the first that caught my eye. I have to say that so far I am very impressed with Kinetics nail polishes. I will try these and other shades a bit longer and then I will probably pop a blog post here. You can find them on facebook & instagram. 
If you had to create "party nails" what shade/s would you choose? 

*This is a PR release