Thanks to social media, it's easy to loose yourself.
Coat: Zara | Dress: H&M | Faux leather trousers: Lindex (similar here & here) 
 Boots: Asos (similar here & here)| Bag: Reserved 
Sometimes I miss the good old days when there wasn't social media or when I didn't know anything about it. It was easier. The only people I would compare myself and my life to would be with famous singers or maybe a girl at school and that would be it. No pressure. Nowadays you just open your instagram feed and all you see are thousands of girls and boys with these fabulous lives, where every day they have a different outfit,perfect makeup, perfect house, most of the year appear to be on a tropical vacation and so on. That is a virtual reality, a carefully conjured visual and you have to understand that. 
I have to admit, I also take a small (hopefully only small) part of this life conjuring thing. And it's because I am one of these content makers. I really think about what is going to be the next picture that I will post - will it go with the theme that I have at the moment, what was the picture that I posted before and will it look good together. Believe me, it's a pain in the behind to think about that every time I'm about to post a picture. It's almost as doing a blog post, but with a little bit less text and a lot more thinking about "should it be the next post?" Why do I do this? I think my perfectionism has to be to blame. I like to control and make things look nice.  
With this whole beautifully created virtual reality a lot of people start feeling the pressure to start looking the same way as these instagram "stars". I see so many boys and girls looking exactly the same. The same outfits or makeup looks. It's sad that they don't take it as just an inspiration, but just bluntly copies the whole look. Don't do that. Be you! Be bold and creative, but stay true to yourself! My top 3 rules I try to follow: 
Seriously, just log off. Put the device away and catch up on a TV show, movie or read a book, a magazine. Or even better, have a good nights rest. Aim for those 8/9 hours. You need energy and new ideas for your own projects and the best ideas come when you are well rested. 
The more you will live your life the less time you will have to spend hours upon hours scrolling through your instagram, facebook, tumblr and so on. Go out for a walk, go and grab a cup of coffee with a friend, go to an art gallery, catch a movie, LIVE! Don't spend all your time staring at the screen. It is also ok to take a picture and post it a little bit later. You don't have to edit the picture right away. 
You are YOU, so you make the choices and live the way you want to live. Don't listen to others and do everything your own way. Be you. Stand out! If you feel like it, wear that black lipstick and red eyeshadow, wear that hideous outfit. Don't let other opinions or suggestions put you into a frame.
Photos by Brigita Dambe