Something a little bit more colorful.

What a nightmare it was to edit these photos last night. Those who follow me on snapchat (allksne *wink* *wink*) know that yesterday I was complaining about the weather. First, that it was cloudy and it would get dark sooner and then that it was sunny and the sun was slow with setting down. At first before taking on this challenge I thought that I would have more problems with the makeup ideas not the light situation. So far it's the other way around. I really wish I had a ring light or any other lighting system at the moment. I can't wait for the weekend when I will have more time to come up with a new look and will have a better (hopefully cloudy) natural daylight situation. But talking about makeup, look at that inner corner highlight!! I am living for this H&M eyeshadow Award Season! It is soooo beautiful. I will definitely soon do another look with it. Maybe an all purple look ;)