A different kind of spring collection.
When I think about spring, I think about bright, light colors like yellow, bright blue, orange and so on. So when I opened these items from the new spring limited edition collection Lost in Galaxy by Douglas, the first thing that came to mind was "Did I get the autumn collection instead?". It definitely doesn't look like your usual spring collection. In the collection you will find - 2 matte lipsticks (pink & red), 2 eyeliners (black & purple), 2 eyeshadows (pink-violet & green), 1 highlighter and 2 nail polishes (violet & green). 
I've been wearing these nail polishes now for 1.5 weeks (photos taken on the 2nd day) and they look basically the same, only thing that has changed are the tips - they aren't chipped, they are in just a bit lighter shade, but you can see that only when you look very closely under your nose, haha. On some I put my gel top coat, some I left without one - all look the same. So I'm quite impressed with them! I also really like that eyeliner!! Only 5 minutes after taking it out of the package it was already on my lash line! It's so pretty & the applicator is very easy to use. It also doesn't sting my eyes like the other Douglas eyeliner I tried a while ago. I think when the collection comes out, I will have to hunt down that other eyeliner. And look at that highlighter! The texture is so nice! It applies really smoothly (like butter) and is very easy to blend out and has a light and delicate pearly finish. I will definitely use it in my next makeup look. It's perfect for strobing! Now about that eyeshadow I haven't really made up my mind. It looks beautiful in the package and when swapped, but when I took it (tried to take it) on my Zoeva 227 brush, nothing transferred on my eye lid, there was only fallout. Oh yes, a note - so far I advise it to put on before putting on foundation. As it has little chalks of glitter (that looks beautifully when on) it's a bit of a pain to get the fallout off. My fan and powder brush didn't work (I powdered my under eyes before doing my eyes), so I had to lay over a light layer of concealer. I did however manage to put some eyeshadow on with the classic applicator sponge (it still was messy). Throughout the day they didn't crease and was in place when I took it off in the evening. I will try to spray my brush the next time I will use this eyeshadow and will let you know if it works better.
This limited edition collection should hit the stores in mid March.