If only every morning started with champagne & Dior.

Now that you have gone through this photo overdose (I tried to edit down, unsuccessfully) let me tell you a little bit about the event. 
The Dior brunch was held in the premises of D Fab in a backstage atmosphere, with makeup tables, photo wall and a long table that represented the catwalk. After a warm welcome from the Dior team we were all asked to gather around the white bar to watch the chef's performance. Funnily enough it was the same chef that I met the other weekend when I was at brunch in his 3 Chef Restaurant (btw it is one of the best restaurants in Riga). So right away I knew that he is going to prepare something very entertaining and delicious and boy was I right! It was so fun to watch him laying the cherry, raspberry, beetroot sauces and pesto on the table around the lip glosses, but the best part definitely was tasting it all with freshly baked bread. After the absolutely delicious treat we all took our places around the table where the Dior expert, Krzysztof Nadziejewiec or simply Chris, was waiting to show us all the new products that just have launched, like Diorskin Forever foundation and Dior Addict Ultra Gloss lip glosses and products that will launch in April (I will share the photos, when the products will launch). Besides learning about the products we also got to test them and after that I think I've fallen in love with Dior just a little bit more. Afterwords we had some food, prepared by the 3 Chef Restaurant, took photos in front of the photo wall and let the makeup artists do their magic on our faces. 
BTW in the future if you will want to try out this or any other Dior foundation, there's a simple trick that will help you to navigate and choose the right shade. All of the foundations are divided in 3 categories depending on the undertone - 1 stands for yellow, 2 for rose and 3 for a peach undertone. So you will usually see three numbers on the bottle, for example 010 - the second number stands for the lightness/darkness of the foundation (here it's super light) and the third number (zero) means it has a yellow undertone. If it was 022, it means it would be a little bit darker with a rose undertone. But if they have that little device that you saw in the photos - definitely ask the sales person to match you with the perfect shade for you. It's easy - they will just put it on your neck and it is supposed to show all the matching shades for each product. 
Thank you so much, Dior Latvia, for that fabulous morning!

Photos by Māris Lazdāns & me (photos taken with Canon G5X)