Ending this month with a bang - two posts & a vlog! It's not every year you get an extra day in February.
And so it has happened that actually the first vlog on my channel now is from yesterday and not LA (I'll be in the corner ashamed if you need me). When Brigita invited me to join her for brunch at the 3 Pavāri restaurant I knew that it would be fun to take that Canon camera with me and test it out there. And so here is the result! Brigita will soon write a review about the place, the food and "all that jazz" so keep your eyes peeled on her social platforms and blog. As for me, I can already say that I'm definitely going to go there another Sunday, because the food and the service was absolutely amazing. But enough talking, watch the vlog to see what we saw and how it went!
Photos by me & Brigita