Yes, the haul video is here!
I'm excited to share with you my very first sit down, chit-chat video. I've already written down some pointers for myself for the next videos, so don't be so harsh with your comments. Still learning here! 
This was my first time visiting the States & what an experience it was!!! It was also the first time I got to step in Sephora. Not going to lie, I had butterflies going mad in my stomach! It was everything that I had envisioned and more!!! After the first store visit I was very close to camping out in one of them, haha  
As you can probably tell by the length of the video - I did some damage to both, my credit and debit card (oops). I may have to live on instant noodles for a while now, but I don't regret a single purchase (well ok, I regret one purchase, but which one you will see in the video)!  
This has been the best adventure & experience I have had so far thanks to my blog and all the things I do on social media. I'm so, so grateful to Riti & NYX for this opportunity! 
Stay tuned! The LA Vlog is coming soon as well!