This lipstick line won't leave you indifferent.

From left: 01 - Honeymoon, 02 - Embellishment, 03 - LaceDetail, 04 - Ruffle Trim, 05 - Beauty Mark, 06 - Push-up, 07 - Satin Ribbon, 08 - Bedtime Flirt, 09 - Corset, 10 - Teddy, 11 - Baby Doll, 12 - Exotic 
Step aside Liquid Suede, it's time to share the spotlight with Lip Lingerie - the newest weightless, creamy liquid lipstick with a plush matte finish. Altogether there are 12 nude shades - from cinnamon pink and chocolate brown, to warm mahogany red and classic nude beige. So far I've been obsessed with the shade 02 Embellishment (I wore it here), it has a beautiful cold violet undertone. When we were in LA, the girls noticed that on me it looked a tad bit darker than on them, maybe it's because I'm chalk white :D I think the next ones I really want to try are 08 - Bedtime Flirt and 09 - Corset.  
For this post at first I was thinking about making the swatches on my lips and then make a collage, but believe me when I tell you that once they are on and have dried they don't budge, so for the sake of my lips I had to do it on my hand. I highly recommend using a waterproof makeup remover when you are done for the day with them. I was struggling a bit, when I tried to get it off with the classic Garnier Micellar water. 
Price: $7.00 (You can get them here)
Photos by me