I love me some bold brow. 

Inglot AMC Brow Liner Gel in shade 16
To be honest brows and eyeliner are those two things I always struggle with and don't really enjoy doing, but on a good day when they have turned out really good - are those two things I appreciate/like the most.  
For the longest time ever I used to be a powder gal, but they always ended up looking too pale for my taste. So when editing pictures I started to notice that, from the profile, the tale of the brow was barely visible, I decided to venture out in upping my brow game. The first product I decided to try was the NYX Eyebrow Gel, but either the shade or the consistency of the product didn't really work for me. Later on, Inglot came out with this brow liner gel in 12 shades. After the fail with the NYX gel I was wary in getting it straight away. So I decided to wait a bit. But after a while of being flooded with perfect brows on my instagram feed, I decided to give it a go and finally got it when I was attending the Baltic Beauty 2015 event. Best decision ever!! Of course, the first couple of times, before figuring out that you need the tiniest bit of the product on the brush and have to apply it with a light hand, I ended up with the eagle brows. But doing them every day I have finally managed to figure out the best way how to work with this gel. Now getting them look at least a little bit related is a different subject. Still working on it. But in all seriousness, this gel has been a game changer for me. Definitely one of my favorite products of 2015. 
What is your favorite product for your brows? 
Photos by me