Another year has passed.

Coat: H&M | Cami top: ASOS | Jeans: H&M Sneakers: Converse
Happy birthday to little old me! Ahh 25. It makes me feel old and at the same time still young. I probably (as always) won't notice any difference as I still will probably have to carry around my passport when buying champagne etc. Good genes, good genes. 
This morning we already started celebrating just a couple of minutes after midnight with champagne. Getting up to work in couple of hours sure is going to be a pain. Thank goodness I have a good selection of concealers that will help to hide this little party we just had. Today I plan on chilling, lounging and planning great things for the next 25th year of my life.
Cheers! Now let's deal with those candles and let's start cutting that cake!
Photos by Līva Bambale