A little Monday glam.

Here I was just getting excited about the weekend and poof! it's gone and Monday's here. You've probably noticed that the blog layout has changed over the weekend. Decided that my page needed a little dose of something new and fresh. Nothing dramatic, of course, but still. I hope you like it and that it's going to be a little bit more easier to navigate. This time the makeup look is a lot softer - used dark brown in the crease and inner, outer corners and a satin gold shade all over the lid. I wish you could see in the pictures better the olive green shade that is hanging around under my lower lash line. Hopefully when I get around getting a normal lighting system or figure out how to get a proper lighting on a budget, the image quality will be a lot better, but for now gotta work with what I have - normal daylight till 3pm. yay winter time!