But baby, it's cold outside.

Coat: H&M | Jumper: H&M | Jeans: H&M Boots: Danija (similar here & here| ScarfPieces 
Staying warm and looking good at the same time when the temperature drops down below zero can be a struggle. For instance today I was considering wearing two pairs of tights under my jeans (and it was only -3*C (real feel -11*C)). I didn't do that though (I regretted that decision five minutes later after stepping out of the house), but I did wear my biggest scarf and beanie hat. So finding the right coat and boots for me is the key. I follow only two rules - the higher the boot, the longer the coat the better. And I think that a faux fur coat is the best option to go with because they really do keep you warm! I've been wearing this coat for a couple of seasons now and it has saved me on the coldest days of the year. So when I saw this coat I knew that it would be a great addition to my coat family. Plus, I just couldn't resist those fun colors!

Photos by Līva Bambale