I wish every morning would start with brunches in great company, talking about beauty and skincare.
Last week I was invited to the Eisenberg organized brunch that was hosted by Patrizia Mazzitelli, who is the brands international product and training manager, to learn how to protect our skin in the upcoming cold months (thankfully we are still blessed with a semi warm weather for a November). Usually in autumn our skin gets especially dry and sensitive because of the climate change (walking from cold outdoors to heated rooms). To prevent the stress on our skin we have to not only think how we are protecting it with the right skincare, but we also have to increase the intake of fatty acids, fruits and vegetables, drink a lot of water and ventilate the rooms at home and work. Sounds simple, right? It would be if we usually wouldn't get side tracked with our busy everyday lives making us forget. 
In addition to a healthy lifestyle Eisenberg also reccomends to follow a four step winter anti-age programm that, thanks to the Trio-Molecular formula, is especially designed to stimulate the protection of the skin and to prevent the premature aging. The 1st step is cleansing. For that Patrizia recommended the Hydrating Velvet Make-Up Remover and the Toning Lotion. If used regularly, the lotion, provides an excellent base for the next anti-aging skin products. The 2nd step is to renew the cells. The product for this step is the Instant Smoothing Exfoliator, that you should use once or twice a week to get a radiant, smooth skin. The 3rd step is the skins deep renewal. The best product for that is the Lifting Regenarating Serum. The specially concentrated Trio-Molecular formula combined with the hyaluronic acid guarantees deep and visible effect. And the last step is the moisturizing. For that, in the mornings, you must use the Moisturising Rich Cream or the Hydra Comfort. Both have protective features and help fighting the environmental damage. But in the evenings your best friend is the Anti-Age Treatment with it's magical formula. 
Personally, after testing all of these products (that by the way smell light & heavenly) my absolute favorites have to be the serum and the exfoliator! We all left the presentation with the Anti-Age Treatment in our gifts bags. I have been using it almost every, every other evening and it is something else. You can instantly feel the quality of the moisturizer. Soon a blog post on that with all of my oohs and ahhs will follow ;) In Latvia you can find the full assortment here.

Photos by me