I just want to frame it.

Blazer: Balmain x H&M | Cami top: ASOS | Trousers: Zara Boots: ASOS | Bag: Dune London 
The first time I saw this blazer/jacket/dress (however you want to call it) was when I was going through the photos from the NY show and the red carpet and saw it on Alexa Chung. A click happened and right then and there I knew that this was the piece I had to get my hands on from the collection. Of course the dresses, blouses, leather jackets were beautiful as well, but this just seemed like such a classic piece that would perfectly fit in my wardrobe. So off I was to the VIP Shopping event that was organized by our H&M (have to say that I'm very grateful to our H&M Latvia team for inviting me. Thank you, guys!!! :))). When I got to the store the blazer was not on any of the racks *insert crying emoji*. I was a bit gutted about this, but decided to go through the collection (or what was still left of it) and try to find something else that I would like to get. 
I was still browsing around when I saw the sales assistant carrying five of the blazers to the rack (you should have seen the way how I was going after her, haha). And so long story short (because it really is a semi long story) I ended up getting it. And boy am I so, so, so happy about it. Right now it's definitely my favorite and most cherished piece in my wardrobe. And I promise, you will see it here a lot!Did you get the chance to get something from the collection? 
Photos by Līva Bambale