Last week I was invited to attend Schwarzkopf Professional brunch where they introduced us with the new Essential Look collection Age Of Beauty. The major three trends that the artists use to adapt to consumers styles are Silver Glory, Layered Chic and Heritage Blend.
Not long ago everywhere we looked, we saw only young, fresh faces. Only in recent years we have accepted that aging is beautiful. Now we can see older women on the covers of magazines and even in runway shows. Nowadays it's ok to accept and enhance our age. Looking 20's in our 30's+ is not attractive. Instead of hiding and combating the signs of aging Schwarzkopf Professional focuses on bringing out our individuality and our own natural beauty. This collection is for those mature women who style their hair every day using hot tools. Age Of Beauty provides with methods and products that are tailored for the needs of changing hair. With years we see that our skin changes, the same thing happens also to our hair. Did you know that the first grey hair can show up at the age of 30?  
At the presentation the line that got the most of my attention was Silver Glory. I know that when I will be older I will definitely embrace my grey hair. Hey, even at the presentation we were talking with the girls that we wouldn't mind having grey hair right now. This line in the collection is aimed to highlight the natural grey hair color. Refined silvery accents get a newer and brighter look. This is the line that helps to get rid of that yellow tone (the purple shampoo in the picture). Layered Chic line helps to get more volume and texture, no matter long or short hair, to those ladies who have got a cut with layers. And finally Heritage Blend is the line that helps to refresh your hairs natural glow. 
We all went home with two BC Excellium Q10+ plumping products - shampoo and plumping spray. I have tried them both about two times so far and I have to say, I really like them. Will test them for a little bit longer before I give my verdict on them, so stay tuned!
Photos by me & Lauma Kalniņa