I have many H&M beauty products to go through, but lipsticks were the first I gave ago.

 H&M lipsticks in shades 008 So Cocoa, 002 Kombucha, 014 Heirloom 
I am all for the H&M lipsticks. I really do like them. They are not as good as MAC per se, but they are not far from them. The packaging though are a tie for me. Lipsticks are very pigmented and creamy and feel very comfortable on the lips. Though don't expect for them to stick on your lips throughout the day, if you plan on eating and drinking, because you will need to do a touch up after, if you want them to look freshly put on, but if you do forget to do that, don't worry because it leaves a beautiful after stain on the lips when it's wearing off, and that's something I like the most about them.
Daily I have been mostly wearing Kombucha, if I don't go for the Lip Colour-To-Go lip crayons, but when I want to go a little bit bolder I go for the other two. So Cocoa is the first dark brown lipstick in my collection. If it hadn't been recommended to me I probably wouldn't have picked it up, but I'm glad I did, because it's perfect for the A/W season. Also it's a shade that will look great on even the palest skin tone owners. 
Have you tried them yet? If so, what's your favorite shade?
/Thanks to H&M Latvia for the chance to test these products!
Photos by me