What to wear on those hot evenings?

Dress: Alksne | Sandals: Vagabond Rings: Verba & unknown shop | Necklace: H&M
And so here is the first look that we shot on our trip. As we were there at the end of August, that is the hottest month there, it meant that it was hot in the morning, boiling throughout the day and hot in the evening. Most days, when we wandered around and weren't in the sea or pool, we wore as less clothes as possible - mostly shorts, bikini tops and loose vests. With the sun setting, the evenings were the times when we got to experiment a little bit more. But who am I kidding - the experimenting usually ended with just throwing on a dress. So be ready to see a lot of that.
I bet these posts will be handy for those from Aussie, because the spring is going to be there in like 5 minutes and it really makes me wish, I could move there until April, when it will (hopefully) get warmer here in Latvia.
Is it too early to start the countdown for summer 2016?

Photos by Līva Bambale