What to look forward when attending this Centerary ball by Alexandre Vassiliev.

Now that you have gotten through all of the pictures you deserve a pat on the shoulder. Well done! I was considering on editing down a bit, but then I thought that maybe, MAYBE, those of you who are not going to get a chance to come to Riga and see it for yourself, that you would like to see as much as possible from this exhibition (believe it or not this is maybe half of the whole exhibition). If not, well then still good job for getting to the text part.  
The concept of the Ball has been around since the Middle Ages, when feasts with music and dance, flowing and majestic, began to be held in the courts of Italy, France and England. Throughout the time the ball gowns, thanks to their splendor, has always made people admire the designer's flights of fancy, the masterfulness of the handiwork by dressmakers and craftsmen, the texture of the fine fabric, the rich color and the spectrum of design. 
This is the seventh time in Riga now, when an exhibition of treasures from fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev's inexhaustible collection will be open to the public. At this "Invitation to the Centenary Ball 1915-2015" exhibition you will be able to see 87 ball gowns, 7 men smoking's and tailcoats and about 720 accessories like shoes, hats, jewelry and even makeup. 
This exhibition is being held at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Riga, Skarnu street 10/20) till October 25th 2015.
Photos by me