Sometimes you have to trust in order to get to new, unexpected places.

Longline waistcoat: Liva Bambale | Sweater: H&M (similar here) Dress: ASOS | Faux leather trousers: Lindex (similar here & here)
Boots: ASOS (similar here & here) | Bag: ASOS (similar here| Ring: Verba
You should have seen my face when Brigita was taking us to this location. First of all, it took us some time and all the while we were getting closer to the destination I felt like I was breaking rules. And then, when we got there , the concrete was so slippery that I thought I was going to roll in the water. But I'm glad that I went along with her crazy idea, otherwise I wouldn't have these photos and memories of how actually funny the whole situation was.  
Now I want to note that these photos were taken couple of days ago, meaning in June and I'm wearing my spring/autumn boots!!! Boots in June? Yup, apparently someone up there who's controlling the weather, thinks it's September already. On the bright side - got to wear my sisters longline waistcoat, that I'm slightly in love with. Really hope that she will make one for me as well, or I'll just need to borrow this one until she will give it to me :D 
Photos by Brigita