I did not expect to be impressed by these eye shadows. 

Essence "I love nude" eye shadows from right to left: 05 My Favorite Tauping; 03 Creme Brulee; 02 Cake Pop & 06 Coffee Bean
Catrice and Essence are two stands I always have a peek at when in Drogas, because they always surprise me with the quality of their products. This time I want to talk about these cute Essence eye shadows from their "I love nude" collection. Even though I have tried other products from the brand, I didn't expect the quality, pigment and blend-ability of them to be so good. The shades are so pretty and affordable (2.79€ per one) that after getting and testing the shade 05 My favorite Tauping I had to go back and get the other three. I think there is still one shade in the store that I haven't got and that I need to get my hands on ASAP. Even though I've been recently experimenting with colors in my eye makeup, whenever I feel like having a more nude makeup these are the eye shadows I will go for.  
If you are on a budget (and even if you're not) and looking for some nude tone eye shadows - give these ones a go. You won't be disappointed! 
Photos by me