Everyone knows that, when you're building a wardrobe there have to be a couple of statement pieces that pulls it together. And this blazer is nothing but a statement!
Blazer: H&M Studio SS15 | Dress: H&M | Jeans: H&M Biker boots: Asos Sunglasses: Max&Co. 
So even though I'm on a budget, last week, when I saw this blazer/pajama jacket (not sure how to call it) still in the store, with a very appealing price tag attached to it and in my size - there was no other option than to get it. If you remember, when I went to the H&M showroom to preview the Studio SS15 collection, back in January, this was the piece that caught my eye and got me all drooling. Well, when it did hit the stores, at the time the price was just a bit outside of my spending limits, so I bit my lip and backed off. Months later and now she's in my wardrobe. There was just that click, that meant to be. And it happened. And now I'm very happy and having constant styling sessions in my head trying to make up other ways how to wear it this summer! What has been your best bargain?

Photos by Brigita