Never been a blue nails kind of gal, but now I'm converted.
Bourjois Paris in shade 06 Adora-bleu
I really think that this has to be the first time ever that I have had blue nail polish on my nails. Dark, dark blue, that looks more like black doesn't count. Ever since I started to paint them it's always been black, red or, when I was younger, sometimes pink . But never blue. The thing with this specific nailpolish is that I didn't buy it. No, I got the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder to test and they had an offer - if you buy one Bourjois product you get a nailpolish for free. I was looking at the ones left and I didn't see the point to get another nude or red, I have plenty of them, so I went with the most random choice - baby blue. And now looking at my nails I don't regret it. I was worried that when I would have it on it would look like kids nails, but for some reason they don't. Well I think they don't. Also a good thing is that the formula is ultra-resistant and enriched with vinyl which means they are looking shiny and full of gloss. They say that thanks to the formula they shouldn't chip and should last for up to 10 days. I'm not really counting on that, but we'll see. What I immediatly noticed, when I was painting my nails - the pigment of the polish! Some nails have only one coat and others have like an aditional 0.5 coat - just for fixing them. The best thing - the second coat doesn't make them gunky! And they dried quite fast. Actually I'm quite impressed with the quality of this nail polish. Will have to check what other shades do they have in the store. 
Have you ever tried a nailpolish out of your comfort zone? 

Photos by me