A budget friendly eyeliner you should try.
Essence Eyeliner Pen /Extra Longlasting
There is just something so chic about that black line across the lash line and a deep red lip. And I've noticed that this is also one of the looks that gets me the most compliments.  
I used to be afraid of liquid eyeliners, because let's be honest, if you ruin that line you have to start from the scratch, well that's how it's usually with me. I've had countless of times where I would try to do the line (still haven't mastered the flick) and then it just crashes and burns all over my lid. It may work for Halloween, but not really for an event or day at the office. So for a very long time I sticked with a kohl pencil in black or for a more natural look dark brown. 
I think this has to be the cheapest eyeliner I've ever tried - costs around 3€ - and so far the best. I haven't tried the Soap & Glory's, Tom Fords, YSL or any other high street eyeliner that is out there, I'll get around it when my budget will allow it. Also, I don't really believe that everything should always cost half a months rent or make you get a loan. I love to discover budget friendly items that does their job as if they cost 20+. So for now this will do. 
The texture of this eyeliner is just right - not too liquidy or thick and doesn't dry in 2 seconds, so you don't need to be in a rush to make it perfect (of course you can't do it for half an hour, let's be real). And the felt nib is perfect for subtle or thicker lines. I usually keep it with the tip down, so all the liquid is in the tip and it's not dry when I apply it. And it's black! Like really really black, there's not a single dark grey tone in it. You don't need to do 3 layers to get it jet black. And another great thing about it, is that it is most definitely extra long lasting as it says on the product. I put it on in the morning and it's still hanging out there when I get home after work or event. No need for a touch up or hourly checkup in the mirror. The easiest way to remove it though would be with a waterproof makeup remover. 
Have you tried this eyeliner? What is your budget friendly eyeliner?