Salon hair is now achievable at home.
Girls with the hair care specialists  
More than a week ago, in the salon Strogonovs, happened the very first Schwarzkopf Professional blogger masterclass, where three hair care specialists - Katrina Vavilova (technologist and Baltic leading trainer), Dmitrij Gaivorontski and Tatjana Porjadina (Katrinas Vavilovas assistants) - introduced us with the newest  BC Bonacure un Osis+ product lines. This wasn't just a presentation, where they showed us the new products and told about them. No, this time they also showed them in action. 
From all of the guests, the hair care professionals chose three girls on whom they did three different procedures: hair restoring ritual (using the Repair Rescue products), hair SPA (using Oil Miracle products) and the procedure for hair gloss (using the Color Freeze products).  
While the procedures were happening we were able to follow along every step that the masters did (I've always wanted to shadow a hair care specialist. Usually sitting in the hairdressers chair, I always, with the corner of my eye, follow every step and technique that is being used on my hair), ask questions, that arose during the procedures or simply those that you've always wanted to know, for example, how much shampoo should you use per one time? Answer: Concentrated shampoo, such as BC Bonacure must be used the size of 20 cents. How long do you need to keep the hair masks in for? Answer: About 15 minutes, keeping it in longer won't mean that there will be a greater effect. As well, learned that I haven't been using conditioners the way they should be, turns out, you have to dry your hair with a towel before you put in conditioner, so that it could absorb better. You live and learn :) 
The results were great! All girls hair looked fantastically healthy and shined when the light hit them. 
To be honest, the products are not the cheapest, but if you calculate how long they last (about 3-4 months, because they are concentrates) and what effect you can get with them, they definitely are worth every euro that you spend for them! Plus, you don't have to stick only with the products from one series line, you can choose the ones you need and mix them.  
Photos by me