Sometimes you have to log off.
/Zara coat, H&M dress & earrings, New Look boots, Reserved bag, MAX&Co sunglasses/
Time seems to be going at a full speed, and there seems to be no "time police" around to stop it and make it slow down. Never before have days turned into weeks so fast as they do now. We are already in April! How? Where did the past three months go? Summer already is basically just around the corner (54 days till June, but who's counting). And even though with the time running so fast like a lunatic and with million things on your to-do list, it's important to log off and spend quality time (not with one eye in your phone or laptop) with your loved ones, friends and family. That's what I decided to do this Easter and I'm really happy about this decision. That's why it got a little bit quiet over here with a little delay of my March favorites. Hope to post them this week :)
Photos by A. Alksne