Chopard is slowly, but strongly paving the way towards sustainable luxury.
With Silke Sautter 
Last Thursday I was invited to attend Chopard's L`Heure du Diamant presentation held in Chopard Boutique in Riga, where they presented the same collection that took part at the Baselworld 2015, that is known as the world's biggest luxurious jewelry exhibition. Also we got to see the Green Carpet Collection that we will soon see on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet worn by world's famous celebrity. It still is unknown who will be wearing this set, so don't forget to keep your eyes open when the red carpet pictures will hit the internet. 
If you didn't know it already, Chopard is a Swiss premium class watch and jewelry brand that is in the TOP 10 of worlds most recognizable luxurious brand list. Chopard is an independent family owned company, which combines the inherited art of the craftsmans with the latest modern technology. 
Chopard in Baselworld and Riga exhibition were presenting the L.U.C. Tourbillon collection watches, that are the only ones in the world that have been created using Fairmined certified gold. As I found out at the presentation while chatting with Silke Sautter and afterwords doing my research on Chopard's home page I learned that Fairmined gold is the achievement of the world’s pioneering and industry leading network of responsible Artisanal and Small-scale miners. An initiative and movement lead by and for the miners. Fairmined gold is ethical gold extracted by Artisanal and Small-scale miners certified under the Fairmined standard. Buying Fairmined metals is supporting responsible certified miners and their families that follow strict requirements for social development, environmental protection, labor conditions and economic development in their mining communities. Fairmined gold is paving the way towards sustainable luxury.  
From all of this presentation, this is the one thing that really caught my attention. Yes, the watches and the jewelry are beautiful. Which girl doesn't like diamonds and gemstones? But the creation process is as important as the end result if not even more. It is great to know that there is a brand in the world that cares about this so much that they have even joined forces with the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) to support and enable mining communities in Latin America to reach Fairmined certification. Together with ARM, Chopard funds several initiatives which aim improving working conditions of the mining communities and enhancing a better control of the environmental impact of their activities. This personal connection to the miners is a continuous source of pride and an inspiration for the extraordinary creations we have crafted since the beginning of our Journey towards the sustainable luxury.
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Photos by me & Līva (head over to her blog to read her thoughts about this presentation)