Dark circles? Tired eyes? Here are my three steps for a brighter look.
Elf Hydrating Under Eye Primer, NYX HD Concealer in shade CW10 Yellow, NYX HD Concealer in shade CW01 Porcelain, Beauty Blender
Hello, my name is Laura and I'm a concealer addict. Having inherited dark circles - it means no extra hours of sleep, rest, intake of water, eye cream will make them disappear. They are there and they are here to stay. So makeup and knowing which angle works for me the best is what I use to hide this little thing that I haven't gotten around to accept in me yet. Maybe later. So because of that, concealer is one of those products, that if something new comes out - I have to give it a try. Especially in the drugstores, because they are more available and doesn't give the credit card a workout. You should see the list of concealers-to-buy I've made for when I'll be in London soon. It grows by the hour. I may go a little coo coo once I see the big variety of products, that I can't get here, in their stores. 
The same as with the MOSSA moisturizer, I've seen NYX and Elf products around and knew there were two stores in Riga that sold them (before Douglas started to offer some of NYX products as well), but nothing really caught my eye at the time. Until after one afternoon going through Douglas new homepage I closely looked at their products and then and there I decided to give them a go. If I did try every concealer out there, they had to be on the list as well, otherwise what if I missed out and they actually were great products? 
While browsing the store the sales man advised me to get three products that should help me out with my problem. So here is what I got (to see how I'm using them, scroll up and see the photos :) ): Elf Hydrating Under Eye Primer is specifically (that's what the sales man said) for those who have the skin under the eyes very thin that leads to the dark circles, but I believe that anyone could use this as I find it a really nice primer. Then he advised me to get two concealers: NYX HD Concealer in shade CW10 Yellow and NYX HD Concealer in shade CW01 Porcelain. Because as he showed on his hand, the yellow concealer covers the blueness (tested on his vein) and kind of makes the perfect base for the concealer that is a little bit lighter than your skin color/foundation. Now I do think it sort of works on me, but not as much as I would have wanted, because the moment I lower my head, the dark circles start waving and saying hello (that's why learning your angles is so important). I'm trying to get used to the smell of the concealers though. As a friend described, it smells like the inside of a balloon. How she came up with that, I don't know, but it's quite accurate. 
So here with all the rambling I wanted to also do a little step by step how it usually looks. I just did a double take on the 3rd and the last photo. I don't know if it's the light or what but you can't really see the blueness in the 3rd photo even though I have only the primer under my eyes there. I guess because it's my soft spot and I know where to look it's the first thing I see. 
If you're having the same problem as I do and have found the perfect concealer that does a high coverage, but it doesn't look like you have two muffins under your eyes, please, share your knowledge and pop a comment down below!