As a very curious person I had to find out for myself what all the fuss was about this little pink product. And now I'm so happy that I am a curious soul. 

So basically I read a couple reviews on it from my fellow Latvian beauty bloggers, how amazing it was and how basically this thing was a game changer and that this was the best weapon for flawless foundation, concealer application. I was considering to get it, but I had a dilemma about either getting the Beauty Blender or The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion  Sponge. I tried to find reviews where these two were compared and the main differences were that the RT is a little bit harder and eats a little bit more of the product. Also someone in my head (the money saver in me) tried to stop me from the purchase with lines like "Do you really need it?", "How have you managed to apply your foundation so far?" etc. But last week I was in the Stockman neighborhood and my feet basically took me to the makeup brush stand where also this little thing was displayed. And it was the last pink one. So I had to get it, right? Anywho, this was a good decision. 
I've been using it for a whole week now and actually after the first use I wanted to run here and write "this thing is so awesome" and then add a lot of exclamation marks. No wonder professional makeup artists use it every day. After using it I can't really imagine ever putting my foundation and concealer with a brush. It just wouldn't end up looking so flawless like it does with this little pink sponge miracle. It is very easy to use, basically take it out of the box, put it under a running water, wet it, it grows bigger, squeeze the water out, dry it a little bit in a towel and you are ready to roll. It is very bouncy and light. It's amazing to see how the foundation evenly blends in with this thing. No more lines, uneven coverage. Also it takes less time to do your base and do all of the concealing. The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that you can't wash out the foundation or concealer 100% even using the Blendercleanser solid soap. I now have some little stains on it. So that's good that I took photos of it before the first use. 
Have you tried it yet? If so, how do you like it?