Looking back at the Expo Beauty exhibition that happened this past weekend. Mega photo report ahead.
I'm sorry, I was having a problem with the photo editing down part, but I hope you enjoyed this photo overload. There were a lot more, but these kind of stood out the most for me. 
So this was the very first Expo Beauty exhibition that I have ever attended. I rarely ever attend these kind of exhibitions because I don't like how usually packed they are. About Expo Beauty I've heard before but nothing really caught my attention until I read a blog post from a fellow Latvian beauty blogger Zanda, that there is also going to happen the very first Latvian beauty blogger meet & greet this year. So I was like, ok, maybe I could go this year. Then couple of weeks later I was invited to the media seminar about this event, where the organizers and couple of participant main representatives were explaining about what is going to happen, when, etc. That's where I decided that I'm definitely going. 
As the meet & greet happened on Saturday, that was the day when I decided to go and spend there a couple of hours, explore and take some photos and maybe buy something. So when I got there it was packed with people and it was kind of chaotic in a way. I was trying to find the place where the meetup was happening and only when I was near the big stage I found that very close to it was what I was searching for. Pretty disappointed with the location that the organizers gave to the bloggers, because it was right beside the stage and whenever something happened on that stage (pretty much after every xx minutes) it was impossible to hear a word that the bloggers were saying in the microphone. But even with the rubbish conditions it was so nice to see my fellow colleagues, hear (when it was possible) to what they had to say and afterward chat with some of them. I know that the next time when they will be more in control of the location of an event, that it's going to be an amazing one and I hope that I will be able to take a part of it! :) 
I didn't end up buying very much. Not only because I'm on a self set spending budget, but because I don't like to shop when I'm being rushed. The NYX/Elf/Milani stand was the busiest one. And no wonder, because they had a great range of products. I finally got the Butter lipstick from NYX that Estée has been rocking for a while and that I've wanted to get my hands on and a new yellow brightening concealer from Elf (couldn't have left the exhibition without a new concealer, could I?). I really wanted to get the NYX blusher in shade Taupe but it was already sold out. Bummer. After that I just walked one circle around to see other things going on and got out. 
Did you go to this exhibition? How did you find it? Did you get something? Share! :)
Photos by me