When that sunny yet deadly freezing day shows up, you must take advantage.
 Mango coat, H&M dress, trousers, scarf, Zara shirt, boots, Reserved bag, BikBok sunglasses
Take the advantage of those sunny days, but I'd advise you to not take that scarf off for couple of photos, like I did here, because I believe that somewhere in these photos I got sick. Well not totally, but I can feel that something is around the corner, so it's good that you can't smell anything on internet otherwise you'd get a lot of lemon, ginger, honey, garlic aroma in front of you right now.  
This really makes me feel kind of old, but I remember the time when I used to wear dresses over jeans. And then when that era ended I was kind of sad, because I loved that boho Nicole Richie, MKA style with tons of layering, denim, bangles and dresses all in one look. So I'm happy that it's sort of back, or even if it's not totally back, that I don't care anymore and I'll layer it up anyway. 
Photos by Līva