As always on the hunt for the perfect liner. Has my search come to an end? 
Doesn't look like it. I had big expectations of this beauty (was recommended). Unfortunately it didn't reach my standards. At the start I just thought that I had picked up a product that has just been too long in the shop and the formula has gotten too dry and that's why every time I tried it, it ended up wonky. But it's not the case.   
When I try to clean it and apply on my palm, you can see that there is enough product and it's perfect black and beautiful etc., but when I try to do that on my eyes it just doesn't want to cooperate. Maybe the formula just  dries too fast? And basically if you don't nail it the first time, you might just take all your eye makeup off and start from the beginning (going over it makes it look really bad).   
Is it too much to ask, to get that perfect black eyeline, like Cher put on Christina in Burlesque?
Anyone else tried this eyeliner? How did it go for you?
What is your perfect eyeliner? Share! :)