2015, I am so ready for you!
 Cubus faux fur coat, Primark dress, ring, clutch, Verba ring, H&M necklace, Asos boots
I like to plan. A lot. You should see how many task, planning etc. apps I have on my phone. And I also carry around the good old paper planner. Anyway, when it comes to events, such as New Years Eve, I also like to pre-plan my outfits. Usually it turn into throwing the wardrobe on my bed and declaring that I have nothing to wear (#firstworldproblem, huh?), but this time it was piece of cake. I just saw this dress hanging there by herself and thought to myself that I need to take her out for a spin and oh why not spend an evening together? So when that was decided I just added a little bit of accessories here and there and voila this is my "heeeeeeellloooo 2015!!!!" look.  
Maybe if you haven't still decided what to wear tonight or you also have "nothing to wear", take a closer look in your wardrobe, maybe there's a lonely dress that is dying for some attention.
Happy New Year!!!! Set goals, say more Yes, and mainly enjoy the ride that 2015 will take you on! Cheers!! 
Photos by Liva