Every girl needs to have her got-to nude lipstick. I finally found mine.
Rimmel lipstick in 070 Airy Fairy
Sometimes I'm in the mood to wear bold lipsticks, sometimes I like to go for the good old lip balm, other times I want something in between. Before I got this one I was usually mixing up two other lipsticks. Tired of not having that one easy sweep and go, I went out to find that perfect nude shade.
 Ever since trying the lipsticks from The Kate Collection by Rimmel I've been a big fan of Rimmel products, mostly their lipsticks and powders. So they were my first choice and as always they didn't disappoint. This shade beautifully blends with my natural color, but you can still see it on, it's not exactly invisible.
Have you found your perfect nude lipstick?

Photos by me